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Ensure efficient

monitoring of

educational programs

For non-profit organizations aiming for a social transformation through education


For Organizations


Organizations running educational programs find it a challenge to gauge the impact of their endeavours, as they cannot track the status of the projects in real time. afocusedpath is an innovative platform that enables non-profits to stay in constant control.

Comprehensively manage the project - incorporate student details, performance metrics, deliverables, goals, and impact analysis of specific programs.

Tailor-made app to assist storage and instantaneous update of data. A wide range of reporting tools supports end-to-end management of the project.

User-friendly design, ensuring quick adoption by personnel across the organization.

Assured reliability and security. Powered by the best-in-class cloud technologies, complying with the highest security standards.


Get extensive insights into how well your programs are meeting the objectives.

Visualize data for a holistic view

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Use the dashboard for a quick, at-a-glance update of multiple initiatives running in different locations.


Analyze the performance across locations

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Compare the data among various locations. Ascertain the key factors that determine the course of the project. Examine patterns, similarities, and differences between two locations. Explore approaches to improve the results of underperforming groups.

Perceive data from a variety of viewpoints

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Start with a summary report and drill-down to access detailed information.


Establish a village of supporters to help the child

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Set up a village and populate it with people who would love to see the child succeed. Give them the necessary tools to monitor and guide the child. Let the community be your partner in creating an environment of hope and encouragement.

Easy steps to get started

The solution that lets you accompany the child through the academic journey. Start benefiting from afocusedpath today.


Add Students

Enter the details of the student. Be sure to add the required demographic and academic information. Configure how the child is to be supported.


Update Records

Update the student's educational records, such as report cards, grades, special achievements, teacher's remarks, parent's notes, etc.


Add Villagers

Set up a community of people co-opted to support the student. Besides the parents, this can include their friends and relatives.


Get Insights!

Now, let afocusedpath do the heavy lifting, guiding you toward a trouble-free fulfillment of the project objectives.


Non Profits

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