"It takes a village to educate a child."

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How it works

                           is the perfect tool for parents to create an online educational village of family, close friends, previous teachers and other supporters to stay involved in their child's education.


This educational village of supporters will be able to privately view the student's grades, pictures, teacher information, and other related material. The educational village can support the child by sending positive reinforcement through words of encouragement or gifting for their accomplishments.


Educators have shared when family and community have a vested interest and actively involved in a child's education, their academic performance is better, leading the way for strong foundational skills to help ease the way to college.


Our Vision

Be the primary platform and premier resource from which all communities will build, grow, and sustain an educational village for every child it represents, throughout their educational journey.

Our Mission

Help parents identify, engage and build an online educational village that's actively involved in their child's education, Pre-K through 12th grade.


3 Easy Steps to Get Started 


Click Register and create a parent profile and a profile for your child(ren).


Input classes, grades, teacher's names, and conduct for each report card period for your child(ren).


Easily build your educational village by sending private invites to supporters via email.


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